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Shelling of a hotel in Kharkov: The Russian Ministry of Defense spoke cynically about the cause of the attack

On Saturday, December 30, Putin’s army fired missiles at the central districts of Kharkov, partially destroying the Kharkiv Palace hotel complex, as a result of which about 30 people were injured, including children aged 14 and 16 years, and now the defense department of the aggressor country has published “justifications.”

Shelling of a hotel in Kharkov: the Russian Defense Ministry spoke cynically about the cause of the attack

Photo – reuters.com

About the fact that due to the attack by multiple launch rocket systems on Belgorod, allegedly committed by the Ukrainian army, but in fact in  ;as a result of the unsatisfactory work of the Russian air defense against unknown targets, there are injured and dead civilians in this Russian city, and it is for this reason that the occupiers decided to “respond” by shelling Kharkov, writes NBN, citing the Telegram channel Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

As the Ministry of Defense of the terrorist state writes, the “second army of the world” carried out a “high-precision missile attack” on the “former hotel complex “Kharkiv Palace””, which allegedly housed not only representatives of the GUR and AFU directly involved in the development and execution of the strike on Belgorod. In particular, in the hotel there were still at least 200 “foreign mercenaries” who were “planned to be involved in carrying out terrorist raids on the territory of the Russian Federation bordering Ukraine.”

We previously wrote about that the UN Security Council responded to the representative of the Russian Federation regarding the real reason for the “shelling” of Belgorod.


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