• 12/04/2024 19:10

Shmygal announced massive layoffs of officials and cuts in bonuses for the state apparatus in 2024

With the advent of next year, the Ukrainian government will begin to pay salaries to civil servants on a different principle, naturally, only to those who will not fall under the promised large-scale layoffs.

Shmygal announced massive layoffs of officials and cuts in bonuses to the state apparatus in 2024

Photo – kmu.gov.ua

About the fact that the government does not stop reforming the public administration system, having approved another document providing for changes in the approach to the remuneration of civil servants based on the qualifications of positions and the level of competencies, NBN writes, referring to the statement of the Prime Minister. Minister Denis Shmygal, published on the official page of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

Key amendments in the procedure for calculating salaries for officials:

  • the minimum amount of official salary has been established;
  • a limit has been introduced on the monthly bonus amount.

In particular, from January 1 of the next year, the so-called “incentive payments” will be canceled, and the maximum bonuses will not exceed 30  percent of the salary. In addition, this month, it is planned to reduce the number of civil service vacancies by almost 20,000 people, and this is only at the first stage.

It is assumed that all of the above changes will save the state treasury at least 8 billion hryvnia, which will be allocated to the defense sector.

Earlier, we wrote that Prime Minister Denis Shmygal gave a final answer to whether there will be delays with  payments of pension benefits and salaries to public sector employees in 2024.


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