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Shoigu spoke about the main “achievement” of the occupiers in 2023

The head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, said that the “second army of the world” allegedly successfully completed the main task of the so-called “SVO” for 2023 – thwarted a large-scale military operation of Ukraine.

Shoigu spoke about the main

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During the final conference call, the head of the defense department of the aggressor country stated that Putin's occupation forces allegedly thwarted the counter-offensive of the Ukrainian army, which was the main task for the Russian Armed Forces in 2023.

NBN reports about this with reference to the Kreschatic publication.

By According to Shoigu, the invaders this year focused their efforts on achieving the goals of the so-called “special operation.” The Putin minister noted that the main one was the disruption of the counter-offensive of the defenders “loudly declared” by Kiev and its Western allies.

The minister noted that the Russian troops achieved their goal thanks to an effective system of defense lines, the high combat capability of all units and units, reliability and effectiveness of military equipment of the Russian Armed Forces.

The head of the Ministry of Defense said that the occupiers are allegedly expanding the occupied territories in all directions, occupying more advantageous positions. Putin’s general is also convinced that the “liberators,” thanks to their common efforts in the rear and at the front, “seized the initiative on the battlefield.”

Recall that the commander of the Dnepr group of troops, Mikhail Teplinsky, called on Shoigu to allow him to withdraw his troops in the Kherson region, to which the head of the Russian Defense Ministry refused. The military leader demonstrated his reluctance to obey orders from the military leadership, angering Putin's minister.


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