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Sinegubov named the areas of the Kharkov region from which forced evacuation of families with children will begin

ByJohn Newman

Apr 12, 2024

Today, April 11, the Defense Council of the Kharkov Region made a decision regarding forced evacuation measures, which will affect families with children living in 47 front-line cities/villages.

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Sinegubov named areas of the Kharkov region , from which the forced evacuation of families with children will begin

Photo – radiosvoboda.org

About the fact that this concerns only populated areas of this region, located too close to the border with the aggressor country, in particular, the Kharkov, Bogodukhovsky and Izyumsky districts, where 182 minors live, writes NBN, referring to the information posted in the official Telegram account the head of the local regional military administration (OVA) Oleg Sinegubov.

According to Sinegubov, the above-described settlements are under intense fire from the invaders almost every day and every night. It is for this reason that the authorities decided to protect the children as much as possible. At the same time, every family with children will be provided with humanitarian and legal assistance, and, if the need arises, a place of temporary residence.

The head of the Kharkov Regional State Administration added that such a decision does not apply to the city of Kharkov itself .

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