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Social assistance for pensioners: to which citizens the state guarantees payments of up to 300 UAH and free medical services

ByJohn Newman

Jan 11, 2024

With the advent of the current year, a separate category of pensioners in Ukraine is entitled not only to an increase in benefits, but also to other, no less interesting benefits.

Social assistance to pensioners: which of citizens the state guarantees payments of up to 300 UAH and free medical services

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About the fact that this concerns senior citizens who received the status of “Honorary Donor of Ukraine”, writes “NBN”, referring to the Law of Ukraine “On the donation of blood and its components”, published on the official page of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

According to legal norms , such persons are paid a pension of no less than 292 hryvnia/monthly, provided that they previously donated 40/60 single maximum possible doses of blood/blood plasma, respectively.

In addition, honorary donors of Ukraine are provided with:

  • free services related to dental prosthetics;
  • possibility of purchasing medications on a preferential basis;
  • free donor blood if you need to undergo your own treatment;
  • opportunity to purchase prosthetics/prosthetic-orthopedic products on a preferential basis;
  • priority right to purchase sanatorium vouchers;
  • annual vacations at any convenient period (paid from the state budget) .

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