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Stoltenberg wants to invite Ukraine to NATO: when will this happen?

ByJohn Newman

Jan 28, 2024

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Stoltenberg wants to invite Ukraine to NATO: when will this happen  

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As NBN reports with reference to Fox News, Stoltenberg said that he would like to do this “at a certain stage.”

Answering a question about a likely confrontation between the Russian Federation and NATO if membership is promoted, Stoltenberg called it a “good thing” for the Alliance and for the United States to support Ukraine.

The Secretary General recalled that NATO was initially created to prevent wars.

He also recalled that he is from Norway, and his country borders on Russia. And when Norway joined NATO, the Soviet Union called it a provocation. But this was not a provocation, it was the right of every sovereign nation to choose its own path. Norway has such a right, Sweden and Finland have it, and Ukraine also has it.

Stoltenberg added that it is very important that the Russian dictator Putin does not achieve what he wants in Ukraine, since this will be an encouragement for other authoritarian regimes.

The Secretary General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization finally emphasized:

As a result, it is a good thing for us, as well as for the United States, to support Ukraine, and at a certain stage invite them to become a full member NATO.        

Recall that earlier Stoltenberg assessed the likelihood of a Russian attack on NATO.                         &nbsp ;   


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