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The “anti-war” candidate for the presidency of the Russian Federation may not be allowed to participate in the elections: what problem does Putin’s “competitor” have?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 2, 2024

Russian media report that ex-State Duma deputy, “anti-war” presidential candidate of the aggressor country Boris Nadezhdin may not be allowed to participate in the elections. The “competitor” of the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin has a problem with documents.

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Photo – Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP/TASS

Propaganda publications stated that the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation discovered violations in the list of signatures , which the former State Duma deputy submitted for his candidacy in the upcoming presidential elections. Nadezhdin’s document allegedly contains the names of deceased Russians.

NBN reports this with reference to the publication Kreschatic.

The 60-year-old politician has become the favorite candidate of some citizens of the aggressor country who are speaking out against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s “competitor” demands that the Central Election Commission approve more than 100,000 signatures of his supporters, which he collected throughout Russia, and allow him to participate in the elections.

The results of checking the signatures of the “anti-war” candidate by the Central Election Commission will be known in Monday, February 5.

Recall that a political strategist told why the head of the Kremlin never participates in election debates.


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