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The Armed Forces of Ukraine spoke about the “know-how” of the invaders in the “modernization” of tanks for protection against FPV drones

ByJohn Newman

Apr 25, 2024

Press service officer of the 26th Artillery Brigade named after. Roman Dashkevich Oleg Kalashnikov told how invaders at the front are trying to protect their armored vehicles from destruction by FPV drones with the help of “know-how.”

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Photo – ria.ru

Representative 26- 1st artillery brigade on the air of a national telethon said that the “second army of the world” at the front began to use a “turtle tank” – the Soviet T-72 “Ural”, which the Russians covered with wood, informs “NBN”.

According to the officer, such “know-how” is a fairly common phenomenon at the front; with the help of such “modernization” of armored vehicles, invaders are trying to protect them from destruction by FPV drones.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine talked about the “know-how” occupiers in “modernization” tanks for protection against FPV drones

Photo – t.me/SladkovPlus1

Kalashnikov noted that such “miracle protection” of combat vehicles can hardly be called effective, since it often does not help the enemy, because Ukrainian UAV pilots find places to hit Russian Armed Forces equipment. In addition, the wooden lining of tanks impairs the viewing angle and their mobility.

Earlier, an officer of the Legion of Freedom spoke about the use of iron “protection” from UAVs by the invaders in the Donetsk region. for tanks, which looks like a coffin.


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