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The banker told what fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine are most likely in May

ByJohn Newman

Apr 28, 2024

Over the past weeks, the American currency has set a series of records, by Sunday, April 28, reducing its value to 39.67 hryvnia/dollar, and now it has become known what the exchange rate will be in May.

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The banker told what fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine are most likely in May

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About the fact that in the next month, fluctuations in the exchange rate of the American currency depend on the NBU strategy regarding the regulation of the domestic foreign exchange market, NBN writes, citing the opinion of the head of the treasury department of Globus Bank Taras Lesovoy, published in RBC-Ukraine.”

According to Lesovoy, the bank-regulator, apparently, will maintain its focus on market liberalization, that is, once again it will minimize the degree of its influence on the pricing of the exchange rate when trading on the interbank market, which, accordingly, will be reflected on the value of the dollar in exchange offices.

However, the National Bank will not completely ignore the policy of timely foreign exchange “infusions”, and their pace will vary depending on the position of the hryvnia. In particular, the banker predicts the following ranges of fluctuations in May:

  • on the interbank foreign exchange market—from 39 hryvnia to 41 hryvnia per dollar;
  • on the cash market—similar from 39 hryvnia to 41 hryvnia per dollar.

However, daily exchange rate changes are likely: on the interbank market up to 0.2 -0.3 hryvnia, in commercial financial institutions – up to 0.3-0.5 hryvnia and in exchange offices – up to 0.5 hryvnia.

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