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The Central Tax Service explained what factors prevent the Russian Federation from reducing socio-economic tension in the Donetsk region

ByJohn Newman

Jan 3, 2024

The current socio-political and socio-economic situation, due to the absolute impotence of the “authorities”, is still assessed as a crisis, apparently due to the advent of the so-called “Russian world”.

The CNS told what factors are preventing the Russian Federation from reducing socio-economic tension in the Donetsk region

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About the fact that in addition to the key problem of all temporarily occupied regions – security, since the “liberators” regularly shell the majority of controlled settlements, there are a number of difficulties, writes NBN, referring to the “Center of National Resistance.”

In particular, in addition to the problem described above, the highest level of unemployment, a shortage of medicines, and a complete lack of provision of primary medical care are recorded in the TOT (temporarily occupied territories) of Ukraine. Also, there is a shortage of goods for minors and constant interruptions in the supply of electricity and “blue fuel”, which is likely caused by an insufficient number of professional personnel in the bodies of the occupation “authorities”.

Thus, with ;taking into account all of the above, we can draw conclusions—the enemies have no chance of reducing the level of socio-economic tension, since the Russian occupation administrations set themselves the goal of stabilizing the situation in the occupied regions.

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