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The Central Tax Service named the amounts that the “authorities” of the Russian Federation pay for false testimony about the “crimes” of Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Mar 30, 2024

The Kremlin seeks to falsify the history of Ukraine using various methods, but sooner or later, every participant in such “events” will be held accountable.

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About the fact that the occupation “authorities” promise the local population in the temporarily occupied territories (TOT) a monetary reward in the amount of up to 100,000 rubles (about 42,000 hryvnia) for testimony regarding crimes allegedly committed Ukraine, writes NBN, citing the material of the Center for National Resistance (CNS).

As it became known, in order to receive his “30 pieces of silver”, a citizen must write a statement – either he personally or members of his family, for example, children, suffered from attacks by the Ukrainian army. In particular, the invaders are intensively agitating the population of Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Lisichansk and other cities in the east of our country, which the Russian-invading troops actually wiped off the face of the earth during the “liberation”, to submit applications.

In addition, these statements will later appear in the basis of narratives about the implementation of war crimes by soldiers of the Defense Forces, who, according to the logic of crazy Russian propagandists, for some reason shelled cities taken under their protection.

Thus, with the purpose of forming a parallel reality, Russians, with particular cynicism, promise money to Ukrainians, whom they themselves have deprived of sources of income, on the condition that they “rewrite” responsibility for crimes to the other side.

Earlier, we wrote about  about the deadlines Moscow has set for local Gauleiters in the HERE of Ukraine for full passportization of Ukrainians.


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