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The conflict between Scholz and Macron: do these differences pose a danger to Ukraine?

ByJohn Newman

Mar 2, 2024

The first clear signs of diverging views between the leaders of Germany and France appeared the day before – after Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to send a European contingent of troops to Ukraine, Olaf Scholz gave a categorical answer – “not a single Bundeswehr soldier” will participate in this adventure.

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The conflict between Scholz and Macron: do these differences pose a danger to Ukraine

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About the fact that the Scholz faction does not express particular satisfaction from the disagreements between their head and Macron, while at the same time being seriously worried about the results of such a conflict, NBN writes, citing a statement by the chairman of the German Foreign Affairs Committee Michael Roth, published in Spiegel.

According to Roth, the dispute between the two European leaders poses some danger to Ukraine. In particular, both Scholz and Macron developed a “deep-rooted misunderstanding of each other.” However, the head of the Foreign Affairs Committee predictably supports his chancellor, arguing that France needs to do more for Ukraine, which needs “pragmatic, quick help,” especially ammunition and air defense, but for now the countries of Europe are “hiding” each other,” the Russian Federation is “smiling” at this time.

From another representative of the Social Democratic Party of Germany, Axel Schaefer, there was a separate confirmation that there have always been relations between French presidents and German chancellors complicated relationships. At the same time, now Paris itself hardly has significant economic power to become a leader in the EU, since “Macron depends on Scholz.” Also, the Federal Chancellor, it seems, must again take on the role of leader in Europe, as he showed in a controversial situation with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, during the vote for financial assistance to Ukraine.

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