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The confrontation between the Russian Federation and NATO: The painter told what illusions about war the West needs to get rid of

ByJohn Newman

Jan 12, 2024

Former Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Anna Malyar said that NATO admits that it will react slowly if there is a missile attack on one of the organization’s members. She told us what illusions about war the West should get rid of.

 The confrontation between the Russian Federation and NATO: The painter told what illusions about the war the West needs to get rid of

Photo – armyinform.com.ua

In in an interview with the YouTube channel Ukrlife, Malyar said that during the NATO summit in Vilnius, representatives of the Alliance discussed how the organization would act if the Russians launched a missile strike, for example, on Latvia. In response to this assumption, everyone remained silent, realizing that the reaction of other member states would be very slow, NBN reports.

According to a former defense official, the West has two illusions about the war that it must get rid of. First, politicians must understand that the war in Ukraine will gradually spread and the missiles of the Russian Armed Forces have already begun to reach neighboring states. In the future, the number of such incidents will only grow.

Secondly, the West believes that the Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin has some restrictions regarding military plans, that is, the occupiers will stop when they reach some border. Malyar noted that there is also an opinion that the head of the Russian Federation will stop the war if he sees a decisive response from the Alliance.

The Alliance also believes that if NATO is stronger than the aggressor country, then the invaders will not attack members of the organization. The former deputy minister stressed that Western politicians need to be reminded that sometimes Russians started wars when they were weaker than their rivals.

Earlier, Head of State Vladimir Zelensky said what he expected from the NATO summit in Washington regarding Ukraine.


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