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The CPD commented on Politico’s information about Zelensky’s “flight” from Ukraine in May

ByJohn Newman

Apr 13, 2024

Kremlin mouthpieces have begun to actively spread rumors that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky will not return to the country after he goes on an official visit to the UK in May.

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Photo – president.gov.ua< How it became known, trying to give some credibility to this information, the “fake makers” referred to the American publication Politico, but on their page there is no publication with a similar headline or identical text.

According to the head of the media literacy department of the Center Ivan Slichko, this is not the first time that Russian propaganda, through the connection of bot farms, seeks to discredit representatives of the highest military-political leadership of Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the CPD called the directions on which the occupiers may launch an offensive in the early summer.


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