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The dollar exchange rate may rise again in Ukraine: banker’s forecast for April

ByJohn Newman

Mar 31, 2024

Until Monday, April 1, the National Bank of Ukraine set a slightly reduced exchange rate for the American currency – 39.22 hryvnia per unit, instead of 39.34 hryvnia per unit, as was the day before.

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The dollar exchange rate may rise again in Ukraine: banker's forecast for April

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About about what fluctuations are likely in the domestic foreign exchange market of our country, writes NBN, citing the opinion of the head of the treasury department of Globus Bank Taras Lesovoy, published in the material of Obozrevatel.

By&nbsp ;according to Lesovoy, the daily April exchange rate variation in the ratio of the hryvnia and the dollar, upward, will be:

  • from 0.3 hryvnia to 0.5 hryvnia in financial institutions;
  • up to 0.5 hryvnia —at currency exchange offices.

In addition, the 30-day difference between the acquisition and sale rates will remain within March limits:

  • from 0.5 hryvnia to 0.6 hryvnia in banks;
  • from 0.6 hryvnia to 1 hryvnia —in “exchange offices”.

The banker emphasized:

Any currency changes will not pose a threat in a global sense. Daily exchange rate fluctuations will become a familiar expression of the state of “changing stability.”

Earlier, we wrote about what the former head of the NBU Council Danylyshyn called the main prerequisites for the devaluation of the hryvnia.


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