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The expert named popular products that will continue to rise in price every month in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 19, 2024

According to data from the statistical agency, the price drop from the end of 2022 to December last year is most noticeable for buckwheat, onions and carrots, but other products will only begin to rise in price.

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The expert named popular products that will continue to rise in price every month in Ukraine

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About  that the cost of some products will grow much faster than the wages of ordinary Ukrainians, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the head of the Economic Discussion Club Oleg Pendzin, published in Telegraph.

In  In particular, in recent weeks, vegetables have sharply increased in price due to a lack of storage and damage to certain agricultural products, which provoked an increase in demand and cost due to a shortage of quality products. In addition, potatoes have to be imported from Poland—the cost of the root crop has reached record levels, and in some chain supermarkets it has exceeded 30 hryvnia/kilogram.

However, that’s not all, by the way ;in Pendzin’s opinion, prices for baked goods, meat and dairy products will begin to rise steadily, almost monthly.

At the same time, even a 2-stage increase in the “minimum wage” in Ukraine, in the range from 7  100 to 8 000 hryvnia, it seems, does not minimize the negative effect of accelerating inflation rates, and rise in the cost of living in general.

We previously wrote about how increasing the minimum wage in 2024 year influenced the purchasing potential of Ukrainians.


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