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The head of the Avdeevskaya GVA commented on the information about street fighting in the city

ByJohn Newman

Feb 6, 2024

The head of the Avdeevka city administration of Avdeevka, Vitaly Barabash, commented on the information about the street fighting. The official also spoke about the attempts of Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups to enter the city.

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The head of the Avdeevka GVA commented on the information about street fighting in the city

Photo – instagram. com/libkos

On the air of a national telethon, the head of the GVA said that there are no street fights as such in Avdeevka, Donetsk region. According to the official, single DRGs enter the city, where they are eliminated by the defenders, NBN reports.

Barabash explained that when saboteurs try to break through into Avdievka, shooting battles break out, so local residents may think that they have already begun street clashes.

The head of the administration emphasized that we are not talking about a large number of “liberators” entering the city. At the same time, the “second army of the world” is trying to put a lot of pressure on the defense line, but the Ukrainian Armed Forces are holding back the enemy, despite very difficult conditions.

Recall that the head of state Vladimir Zelensky spoke about the losses of Russian troops in the Avdeevka area . According to the president, in this front zone, fences have appeared from the bodies of dead invaders, which the Russians do not take away.


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