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The investor predicted the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine until the end of 2024, calling a “corridor” for the weakening of the hryvnia

ByJohn Newman

May 3, 2024

As of Thursday, May 2, the bank regulator set the official exchange rate of the American currency at 39.63 hryvnia/dollar, but, apparently, everything will change soon.

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The investor predicted the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine until the end of 2024, calling the “corridor” of the weakening of the hryvnia

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About the fact that despite the control of the exchange rate in the country by the National Bank of Ukraine, in the second half of this year the American currency is possible to rise in price in the range from 40 to 41 hryvnia/dollar, writes NBN “, referring to the opinion of investment banker and economist Sergei Fursa, voiced during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Fursa, the dollar in 2024 has seriously strengthened if comparison with all other key currencies, including the euro, and for this reason, one should not expect the hryvnia to rise in price.

In addition, the investment banker added a certain framework for the weakening of the national currency Ukraine are quite logical, since this is exactly the dynamics that the Ministry of Finance wants, “because the rate is provided for in the budget, the IMF wants this,” and because of this, the bank regulator “very smoothly moves the hryvnia into this range.”

In addition to all of the above, Fursa believes that the quotation of the US currency on the domestic foreign exchange market of Ukraine in the near future will not increase more than 50 hryvnia/dollar.

Earlier we wrote about that. , that the banker told what fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate in Ukraine are most likely in May.


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