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The Kremlin announced “special measures” in response to the deployment of German troops in Lithuania

ByJohn Newman

Apr 8, 2024

Today, April 8, soldiers of the German brigade, which in total will number at least 5,000 people, began to gradually arrive on the territory of Lithuania.

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About how the Russian elite reacted to the sending of Bundeswehr units to this Baltic state, writes NBN, citing a statement by the Kremlin press secretary tyrant Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, published by the TASS propaganda agency.

According to Peskov, such actions will require the aggressor country to introduce special measures, supposedly to ensure additional security.

In particular, Putin’s personal secretary stressed that the Kremlin had a very negative attitude towards the deployment of part of the armed forces of a NATO member state in Lithuania, since this is a prolongation of “increasing tension”, thereby creating “foci of danger” for the Russian Federation at its border, and will probably require “special measures to ensure its own security.”

Earlier, we wrote that ISW pointed out signs of the Russian Federation preparing for open and long-term confrontation with NATO countries.


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