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The Main Intelligence Directorate answered whether Putin’s army used 1.5-ton aerial bombs only in the Sumy region

ByJohn Newman

Mar 31, 2024

The day before, a video appeared of Russia dropping the ODAB-1500 thermobaric bomb (warhead 1.5 tons) on Velikaya Pisarevka (Sumy region), which, according to experts, was the first verified confirmation of the use of such a powerful ammunition.

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The Main Intelligence Directorate answered whether Putin's army used 1.5-ton aerial bombs only in the Sumy region

Photo – unian.net

About the fact that the Russian occupation forces have already repeatedly used the above-described heavy air bombs against both in Ukraine and against the Defense Forces of our country, writes NBN, citing to the response commentary to the published video evidence from the Sumy region, sounded by the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense Kirill Budanov on the national telethon on YouTube channel “TSN”.

Based on Budanov's words, Putin's army and  previously dropped these multi-ton aerial bombs. In particular, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence emphasized that he can directly refute the statements of expert analyst Julian Repke (published a video of the explosion in Novaya Pisarevka) regarding the first use of ODAB-1500.

Such types of ammunition have already been used many times were used by the invaders on the front line, and also during the active phase of the operation of the “Russian Volunteer Corps” and the Legion “Freedom of Russia”, “ODAB-1500 was also used there, that is, there is nothing new in this “.

Earlier we wrote about what it looked like dropping a 1.5-ton aerial bomb on a village in the Sumy region.


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