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The Main Intelligence Directorate answered whether they knew in advance about the Russian Federation’s plans for an offensive in the Kharkov region

ByJohn Newman

May 12, 2024

Today, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Syrsky, stated that in general, the situation in the Kharkov direction is controlled by the Defense Forces holding back the Russian occupation forces, however, in some sectors of the front the Russians have had minor successes.

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The GUR answered whether they knew in advance about the plans of the Russian Federation regarding the offensive in the Kharkov region

Photo – armyinform.com.ua

About the fact that the offensive of Putin’s army in the Kharkov region began in accordance with plans, about which Ukrainian military intelligence knew everything, and the defenders managed to take all appropriate measures, writes NBN, citing a statement by the speaker of the Main Intelligence Directorate Ministry of Defense of Andrei Yusov, sounded during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

According to Yusov, it is quite possible to say that enemy actions in the indicated direction began exactly according to the schedule, which was known, the entire list of necessary authorities, including their leadership, was “informed.”

The speaker of the GUR MOU added – right now in the Kharkov region the fighting is not stopping, during which the “second army of the world” is suffering huge losses. In particular, it didn’t even help the occupiers that they transferred units from the Moscow and Leningrad military districts to the Kharkov region.

A representative of military intelligence turned to the “liberators”, urging them to act more quickly start surrendering to the Ukrainian Armed Forces:

Given the scale of the situation with the Russian group, their losses, and futures, including it was decided to quickly open an additional camp for Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that in ISW called the key prerequisite that could lead to the defeat of Putin’s army in the Kharkov region.


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