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The Main Intelligence Directorate warned of a new wave of Russian disinformation campaign in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

May 10, 2024

Against the background of a noticeable aggravation of the situation at the front, Moscow intends to sharply increase destabilization efforts, the goal of which is a split in Ukrainian society.

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The GUR warned about a new wave of Russian disinformation campaign in Ukraine

Photo – facebook.com/DefenceIntelligenceofUkraine

On the fact that the Kremlin in the near future may again intensify the promotion of information and psychological special operations (IPSO) through influence through mass events in Ukraine, where it will try to throw a number of established provocations, writes NBN, citing the official page of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

As the Main Intelligence Directorate warns, Russian efforts will be aimed not only at Ukrainian military facilities, but will also affect civilian infrastructure: medical institutions, railway and bus stations, not excluding places of mass concentration of people . In particular, in the “new round” of the disinformation campaign, the Russian Federation will try to replicate political slogans that divide the national society of Ukraine, but in fact they only parasitize on the real difficulties simply provoked by its invasion.

U Budanov added in in such a difficult time, Ukrainians need not to forget about maintaining internal unity, that is, supporting each other, since the “mouthpieces of the Kremlin” have learned to ideally “manipulate feelings and despondency, emotions and facts,” dosing the truth and  false.

Earlier we wrote that Budanov was calculating the amount of damage to the Russian Navy caused by Magura-V5 naval drones.


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