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The mayor's office of Mariupol announced the “flourishing” of drug trafficking in the occupied city

ByJohn Newman

May 7, 2024

The city council of Mariupol reported that the settlement, temporarily captured by the troops of the Russian Federation, has turned into a paradise for drug addiction. This business, which is covered by the occupiers, is openly advertised in local public pages.

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Photo – ria.ru

The press service of the Mariupol City Council stated that a real “blooming” of drug trafficking is taking place in the temporarily occupied settlement. Local residents see “bookmarks” in different places every day, NBN reports.

The mayor’s office reported that even the traitor of Ukraine Oleg Tsarev recognized the criticality of the situation with the trade in prohibited substances and the inaction of “law enforcement officers” in Mariupol. The collaborator noted that if such messages appear in local public pages and the occupation security forces do not respond to them, then they are “in league” with drug dealers.

As the department noted, the Russian “liberators” turned Mariupol into a city of chaos and marginalized people. The “authorities” cover up the invaders who cause road accidents and drug dealers who openly search for “couriers” on the Internet.

Earlier, advisor to the Mariupol mayor Pyotr Andryushchenko told how, using the express method, the invaders recruit local residents for the war against your home country.


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