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The media found out what mechanisms Poland intends to implement to limit the “influx” of products from Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 17, 2024

At the beginning of this year, a warning was sounded from the European Commissioner responsible for agricultural issues, Janusz Wojciechowski – the order of the European Commission regarding the extension of the free trade agreement with our country for 2024-2025 may be blocked if the document will not take into account Warsaw's proposals on trade bans for Kiev.

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About the fact that, as a result of the European Commission’s rejection of the above-described Polish demands for the introduction of taxes on Ukrainian agricultural products, Warsaw intends to develop its own regional mechanisms to protect against the “influx” of goods from Ukraine, writes NBN, citing a statement by the head of the Ministry of Agriculture farms of Poland by Czeslaw Sekierski, published in Business Insider.

According to Sekierski, the European Commission is preparing a draft order regarding the extension of duty-free trade with Ukraine until June next year, and for this reason, the agricultural department of Poland is putting forward its own requirements, adjusting the points of this document, providing for the accelerated implementation of protective measures. mechanisms at the regional level, since such a “market problem,” although it does not affect the entire European Union, nevertheless affects an individual member state.

In particular, in this way Poland wants to protect its territory from  negative consequences of the flow of Ukrainian agricultural products to the domestic market by licensing the export of these products.

Sekersky emphasized:

After negotiations with the Minister of Agriculture Ukraine Nikolai Solsky, we jointly agreed that technical groups will be created, the task of which, among other things, will be to develop certain frameworks regulating trade between Poland and Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote about&nbsp ;that in Poland opposed the extension of trade “concessions” to Ukraine.


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