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The media have calculated the losses of Russian military transport aviation since the beginning of a full-scale war

ByJohn Newman

Mar 13, 2024

Russian journalists reported the number of military transport aircraft that the “second army of the world” lost during two years of the full-scale war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

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The media have calculated the losses of military transport aviation of the Russian Federation since the beginning of a full-scale war

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The publication “Verstka” estimated that 10 military transport aircraft of the Russian occupation forces were damaged or lost since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, NBN reports with reference to Kreschatiс.

Journalists write that the first loss of military transport aviation of Putin’s army was the An-26, which fell 130 km on the first day of the big war from the Ukrainian border in the Voronezh region, everyone on board died. Later in the summer, an Il-76 crashed in the Ryazan region, killing 5 out of 9 crew members.

In March 2023, an Il-76MD-90A exploded during testing at the Ulyanovsk Aviation Plant. Two months later, as a result of a UAV strike on an airfield in the Bryansk region, an An-124, which the Russian Armed Forces did not use, was damaged. In August, drones “visited” the Pskov airfield, hitting four Il-76s.

The media notes that in less than three months of this year, Putin’s army lost two military transport aircraft, the first of which was shot down on January 24 in the Belgorod region . The Russian defense department claimed that there were 74 people on board, of which 65 were Ukrainian prisoners of war. All of them, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, died.

On March 12, an Il-76 crashed in the Ivanovo region, Shoigu said that all 8 crew members and 7 passengers were killed.

Remember , ISW explained why the command of the Russian Armed Forces, despite significant losses of its aviation, will continue to sacrifice combat aircraft at the front in Ukraine.


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