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The media named the number of Putin’s army officers killed in the war in Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Jan 26, 2024

RosSMI writes that the “second army of the world” during the full-scale war against Ukraine lost at least 3,000 officers, of which at least 800 were at the rank of major and above. Journalists explained why the death of junior officers was the biggest blow to the combat effectiveness of Putin's occupation forces.

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The media named the number of Putin's army officers killed in the war in Ukraine

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The “Russian Air Force Service” reports that in the war against Ukraine, the troops of the Russian Federation lost at least 3,000 officers. Of these, 102 colonels, 240 lieutenant colonels, 450 majors, as well as at least 2,278 junior officers in the rank of lieutenant to captain, NBN reports.

As journalists write, the death of junior officers greatly affected the combat effectiveness of the “second armies of the world.” This is due to the fact that in Putin’s army only officers can coherently interact with other types of troops, in particular with artillery units.

The media, citing the words of experts, notes that the “demilitarization” of officers leads to a big loss tactical coherence in the RF Armed Forces, as units begin to act differently, as a result they interfere with each other on the battlefield and fall under “friendly fire.”

Journalists were able to confirm by name the deaths in the war in Ukraine 43 014 soldier of Putin's occupation forces. At the same time, they emphasize that the real losses of Russian troops are much greater.

Earlier, the media reported on the losses of equipment of the Russian Armed Forces, suggesting that the “liberators” may be running out of tanks.


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