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The Ministry of Defense reported on the expansion of Oberiga’s capabilities: what will change for Ukrainians liable for military service

ByJohn Newman

Mar 4, 2024

The Oberig State Register, created to monitor the actions/movements of all Ukrainian citizens liable for military service, has finally been put into operation.

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The fact that the above-described “digital tool” already interacts with the identical state registers of the State Border Guard Service and the Migration Service, providing the relevant authorities with detailed and comprehensive information about those liable for military service, writes NBN, referring to  explanation of the Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Ekaterina Chernogorenko, sounded during the telethon on the TSN YouTube channel.

At this stage, TCC/SP continue to be equipped with the necessary technical means to work with Oberig, and ;soon they will be able to have a single digital platform “on hand” that will make it possible to find out the location of any person liable for military service, as well as whether the person crossed the border of Ukraine, and whether she has a deferment from mobilization (if any, on what basis) .

In addition to “Oberig”, preliminary preparations are underway for the launch of the electronic “Cabinet of Persons liable for Military Service”, which, apparently, will begin to work 2 months after the adoption of the bill on mobilization (the Defense Committee reported the opposite), that is, since May.

Earlier we wrote about that Venislavsky told which of citizens will receive a “reservation” from the conscription after the adoption of the mobilization bill.


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