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The Ministry of Social Policy revealed the nuances of including foreign work experience in the Ukrainian pension

ByJohn Newman

Apr 27, 2024

On Thursday, April 25, the Ukrainian parliament in the second reading approved a draft law revising previously existing norms and acts regarding the proportional calculation of insurance experience for individuals who have worked abroad.

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In Minso tspolitics revealed the nuances of including foreign work experience in the Ukrainian pension

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About the fact that pension benefits will soon be assigned will begin to take into account the work experience of citizens accumulated during the period of employment in other countries, writes NBN, referring to the official page of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine.

In particular, the provisions of the updated pension legislation now resolve a number of problematic issues related to the registration of pension payments: to justify the right to receive an age benefit, the PFU will take into account the insurance experience acquired on the territory of other states, even if with the government As a separate state, Ukraine has not concluded a corresponding agreement on pension provision.

However, there is one important nuance—when determining the amount of pension benefits, only the single social contribution (USC) paid in favor of Ukraine will be taken into account. Thus, the amount of potentially assigned social assistance by age directly depends on the volume of insurance premiums paid in Ukraine/work experience until January 1 of the current year. At the same time, the timing of entering a “well-deserved rest” will depend on the time it takes to find employment both in Ukraine and abroad.

Earlier we wrote about the fact that the PFU showed how payments to working pensioners have increased since April.


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