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The NBU showed how the salaries of Ukrainians will increase until 2026

ByJohn Newman

May 5, 2024

In the economic sphere of Ukraine, due to the emergence of a significant difference between the levels of demand and supply of “labor”, a slight increase in the amount of financial motivation of employees, that is, wages, is expected.

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The NBU showed , how the salaries of Ukrainians will increase until 2026

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About the fact that the largest increase in wages Ukrainians will have to pay next year, writes NBN, referring to the data from the Inflation Report for April, published on the official page of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU).

According to the forecast of the bank-regulator, the size real wages will exceed the identical pre-war figure already in 2025, which will happen “thanks to increased competition for labor” with foreign employers.

In addition, wages will grow in the following manner over the next three years :

  • in 2024, the nominal will “jump up” by 14.8 percent;
  • real in 2024 (taking into account the influence of inflation and actual purchasing power ability) – by ;6.5 percent;
  • nominal in 2026 by 8.6 percent;
  • real in 2026 by 3 percent.

Earlier, we wrote about that the NBU reported on revision of tariffs for operations with cash.


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