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The PFU explained in which cases a salary certificate is not required when applying for a pension

ByJohn Newman

Jan 27, 2024

To assign a pension benefit, senior citizens should provide the Pension Fund with a whole set of different documents, and, as it turned out, one of the certificates can be excluded from this list, but there are some nuances.

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PFU explained in what cases when applying for a pension a salary certificate will not be required

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About what type of documentation payments will still be assigned, writes NBN, referring to information published in the official Telegram channel of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU).

As it became known , a certificate regarding receipt of wages for any period of 5 consecutive years of work, but before July 1, 2000, must be provided to the PFU only if the potential pensioner after July 1, 2000 In the last year, he has accumulated an insurance period of less than 60 months. In other situations, the decision to present a certificate of salary can be made at the request of the person herself, for example, if she is interested in substantiating income from a highly paid job or if during the recording period there was part-time employment.

In addition, if it turns out that the certificate justifies the degree of income below the established salary after July 2000, then this information will not be taken into account when calculating the amount of the pension benefit.

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