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The PFU listed factors due to which subsidies may be denied

ByJohn Newman

Feb 22, 2024

For some categories of the population of our country, the state guarantees the provision of social support, but only if certain conditions are met in a timely manner, and this does not affect the financial condition of the members of the household.

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The PFU listed factors from -for which they may be denied subsidies

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About the fact that certain sections of the Ukrainian population may lose the right for state assistance to pay for utilities if they do not send information about themselves to the relevant structural units of the pension department on time (within 30 days), writes NBN, citing an explanation published on the official Facebook account GU PFU in Donetsk region.

As it became known, the PFU should be informed about the following changes (by making a new request and adding a list of documents):

  • to&nbsp ;composition of the family registered in the apartment/house of the household members;
  • in the social status of the household members (marriage/divorce);
  • in the list of housing and communal services received, and ;also in the conditions of their provision;
  • in the list of costs for management of an apartment building;
  • about changing the manager, utility company or creating a residents’ association;
  • about the occurrence of conditions under which the right to receive a subsidy is lost.

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