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The Polish Ambassador answered whether his country would “motivate” Ukrainian refugees to return home

ByJohn Newman

Mar 13, 2024

Over the past months, information has regularly appeared in both domestic and foreign media – some EU countries allegedly intend to force refugees from our country to return back using various methods.

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About whether the neighboring state will facilitate the return of Ukrainian refugees home, writes NBN, citing the explanation of the Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Yaroslav Guza, published in DW.

According to Guza , Warsaw will remain completely neutral to this issue, in particular, it will “neither encourage nor hinder”, since such an issue can only be resolved by Ukrainian citizens themselves located on the territory of Poland.

In addition, Polish employers are especially interested in Ukrainians, since our fellow citizens are very important from the point of view of the internal labor market in Poland – there is a serious shortage of labor, for which it is quite difficult to find a replacement.

Guza added, that at this stage Warsaw is considering how to resolve the issue of the long stay of Ukrainians in Poland—the status of special protection and the rights to payments for refugees in this country have been extended until June 2024, while in the Council of the EU their ;extended until March 2025.

Earlier, we wrote that analysts revealed the main items of refugee expenditure for 2 years.


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