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The political scientist explained Trump’s threats against NATO and explained why people in Europe are afraid of his re-election

ByJohn Newman

Feb 13, 2024

Political scientist Vladimir Fesenko explained the threats of the 45th US President Donald Trump against the member states of the North Atlantic Alliance. The expert also explained what people in Europe are afraid of if the scandalous American politician is re-elected.

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The political scientist explained Trump's threats against NATO and told why people in Europe are afraid of his re-election

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Fesenko believes that Trump’s threats against the Alliance are an unsuccessful message from NATO that in the event of an attack on the organization’s territory, it will be its problems, if members of the bloc do not want to spend money on defense.

The expert believes that the former head of the United States does not intend to stimulate Russian invasion of European states, NBN reports with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

At the same time, the US allies in Europe fear that if Trump comes to power, Washington will cease to be a reliable partner and the solidarity of the Western world will be destroyed.

At the same time, the analyst recalled that the former leader of the Americans did not always does as he says, but this does not exclude risks for European countries. Also, Washington's policy in the event of Trump's return to the presidency will depend on who will occupy key positions in his team.

As reported, the US State Department reminded Trump of the case when the Alliance states stood up to defend America.


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