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The Rada adopted a bill significantly increasing the amount of fines for evaders

ByJohn Newman

May 9, 2024

With the entry into force of the next “mobilization” document, if a citizen did not have time to update his personal information, did not report changes in marital status/health status, and also did not appear on the summons, then the TCC/SP will be able to pass decisions to impose huge fines without a protocol.

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The Rada adopted a bill significantly increasing the amount of fines for evaders

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The fact that today, May 9, people’s representatives approved draft law number 10379, which provides for increased financial penalties for men who evade service several times, writes NBN, citing the official page of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

In particular, this document introduces several regimes of financial “motivation”—for violation, for repeated non-compliance and for violation of mobilization legislation during the period of martial law.

For failure to comply with the military registration procedure:

  • in peacetime, you will be fined ranging from 3 400 hryvnia to 5 100 hryvnia;
  • in wartime ( or in case of repeated violation) from 17 000 hryvnia to 25 500 hryvnia.

For refusal to follow the norms of the legislation on defense and mobilization in peacetime:

  • citizens face a risk of from 5 100 hryvnia to 8 500 hryvnia;
  • for business and legal entities from 17 000 hryvnia to 34 000 hryvnia.

For refusal to join the ranks of the country’s defenders after the start of the war:

  • citizens from 17 000 hryvnia to 25 500 hryvnia;
  • officials and legal entities — from 34 000 hryvnia to 59 000 hryvnia .

It should be added that updated fines can be collected the very next day after the publication of the text of the law, which has not yet been signed by the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

Thus, for failure to appear at the TCC/SP According to the agenda, ignoring the registration rules, including “delay” in updating data, will initially issue a minimum fine of 17,000 hryvnia, provided that the “military commissars” do not have the opportunity to obtain the relevant information from the state registers.

Earlier, we wrote about that the lawyer explained whether the “whip methods” provided for by the law on mobilization would work.


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