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The Rada explained why Scholz has not yet decided to transfer TAURUS to Ukraine

ByJohn Newman

Apr 2, 2024

The head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy, Alexander Merezhko, explained why German Chancellor Olaf Scholz does not want to provide the Ukrainian army with the TAURUS cruise missiles that Kyiv is asking for.

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The Rada explained why Scholz I still haven’t decided to transfer TAURUS to Ukraine

Photo – EPA-EFE/Morris MacMatzen/POOL

People's Deputy in comments to LIGA publication .net stated that the head of the German government is not psychologically ripe for the transfer of long-range weapons to Ukraine, NBN reports.

According to Merezhko, the representative of Berlin does not change his position regarding the supply of TAURUS cruise missiles for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, since still believes in the “red lines” of the Russian Federation, despite the fact that the Kremlin is constantly changing them.

Scholz, as the deputy noted, probably thinks that the Defense Forces are using German long-range weapons in the Russian Federation and this will drag Germany in into a nuclear war.

At the same time, the head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Foreign Policy believes that the Chancellor needs time to get used to the idea of ​​​​transferring TAURUS missiles to Ukraine and he will evolve on this issue. Merezhko recalled that the politician had previously told Kyiv “no” regarding the supply of other weapons, which the defenders are already using to destroy the occupiers.

Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry explained the Chancellor’s position regarding the sending of long-range weapons to Ukraine.


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