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The Rada revealed the nuances of the bill providing for the seizure of accounts and fines for evaders

ByJohn Newman

May 4, 2024

The relevant parliamentary committee approved the edited bill No. 10379, which significantly tightens penalties for non-compliance with the rules for military registration and evasion of mobilization activities, while significantly expanding the scope of powers of the Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Centers (TCC/SP).

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The Rada revealed the nuances of the bill providing for the seizure of accounts and fines for evaders

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About the fact that, in accordance with the norms of the previous legislation, in order to bring to administrative liability, the presence of the violator was necessary to draw up the appropriate protocol (on the basis of this, a resolution was issued, which is a document for the collection of funds and seizure of assets), however This point was crossed out at the request of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense, writes NBN, citing the explanation of People's Deputy Andrei Osadchuk, published by Apostrophe.

According to Osadchuk, after updating the scheme, TCC/SP will have the right to promptly issue fines, immediately after drawing up a resolution regarding bringing the evader to responsibility, and if you don’t pay for the “violation”, then the Executive Service will be involved, which will be able to block accounts and seize property in a simplified manner. Thus, if you refuse to pay the fine (it will be 5 times more than now – up to 25 500 hryvnia), then you should prepare for the visit of the “security officials” of the Executive Service.

In addition, the above-described norm will enable the TCC/SP to financially punish all those liable for military service (without a court decision) who have violated the requirements for mandatory notification of military commissars about a change of residence, obtaining documents on education/foreign passports and the like that will affect 99 ;percentage of men in Ukraine.

Earlier, we wrote about that the Ministry of Justice talked about introducing additional restrictions for draft dodgers.


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