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The Rada told how to speed up the consideration of the bill on mobilization, naming new deadlines

ByJohn Newman

Feb 28, 2024

On Wednesday, February 7, the parliament, in the first reading, adopted a “mobilization” bill, and on February 21, the deadline for making amendments for the next reading of this document expired, and it has now become known , which slows down this process.

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The Rada was told how to speed up the consideration of the bill on mobilization by naming new deadlines

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About the fact that to the provisions of the above-described draft law, people’s deputies proposed too many technical amendments (about 4,200), divided into 16 blocks, which should be excluded for prompt consideration of the document, writes NBN, referring to the statement deputy head of the defense committee of the parliament, people's representative, who is also the chairman of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to the PANATO Egor Chernev, published on the official page of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

According to Chernev, some active parliamentarians have submitted 100-300 amendments, however, many of these changes are of a technical nature, thus delaying the procedure for considering the bill. However, the Defense Committee decided to approve everything block by block in order to work on this document in the near future.

In particular, for the second reading the bill, apparently, will be passed in the first month of spring, but ;the main question arises—how the document will be able to pass the session hall, since each people's deputy has the right to make his own corrections before voting, which can “take on weeks.”

The Deputy Head of the Defense Committee added:

I hope that we will come to an agreement with all factions and groups regarding those issues that should be left in the bill, as well as those , which should be removed in order to quickly pass it in the hall.

Earlier we wrote about that Getmantsev told how much the mobilization of 500 000 people will cost the Ukrainian budget .


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