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The Russian Federation attacked Kyiv with two experimental Zircon missiles: KNIISE director Ruvin voiced the truth about this enemy weapon

ByJohn Newman

Feb 21, 2024

Experts have confirmed the fact that Russian troops used their new development against Ukraine – the Zircon anti-ship missile, designed to destroy aircraft carriers.

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The Russian Federation attacked Kiev with two experimental Zircon missiles: KNIISE director Ruvin voiced the truth about this enemy weapon

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As NBN reports, according to the director of the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensic Expertise (KNIISE) Alexander Ruvin, experts confirmed the use by the Russians of the experimental Zircon hypersonic missile during the attack on Kiev on February 7th. As a result, it turned out that Russia launched two units of these weapons at the capital of our country.

Thus, experts have confirmed data on the use by the Russians of a new experimental hypersonic missile “Zircon” during the attack on Kyiv on February 7th. In other words, there were two of them. One rocket fell in the Dnieper region. A huge crater formed at this place. The second is in a field near the town of Vishnevoye, near Kiev.

Ruvin also noted that the Russian Zircon missile undergoing testing does not meet the tactical and technical characteristics stated by the enemy.  

As it turned out, first of all, this missile, invented to destroy aircraft carriers 3M22 Zircon, does not reach the declared speed of Mach 8-9, which is about ten thousand kilometers per hour. The intelligence services stated that during the final leg of the flight it only covers about 2,500 kilometers per hour. There are also huge doubts about its accuracy. These missiles hit the air defense. They didn't achieve their goals. Also, no one noticed the destructive power that an anti-ship missile with almost 400 kg of explosive should have.

Ruvin added that the Zircon was developed primarily as a missile to destroy aircraft carriers. It is very difficult to sink them. And it is unlikely that this missile will be able to cope with its purpose.

Finally, he added that the Russian Zircon missile, which, according to the Russian Federation, “has no analogues in the world,” was put into service in Russia in 2023 . It is not at all unique, just like “Dagger”. So Russia failed to scare Ukraine and its allies with its weapons.  

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