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The Russian Federation dropped a 1.5-ton aerial bomb on the Sumy region for the first time (video)

ByJohn Newman

Mar 30, 2024

On Sunday, March 17, the Russian occupation army virtually destroyed the center of the village of Velikaya Pisarevka in the Sumy region, but, apparently, this was not enough for the invaders.

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RF&nbsp ;for the first time dropped a 1.5-ton aerial bomb on the Sumy region (video)

Photo – screenshot of TG-video.

O&nbsp ;that Putin’s troops for the first time struck a peaceful populated area in our country with a heavy aerial bomb ODAB-1500, writes NBN, citing the material of the journalist of the German publication Bild Julian Repke.

As it became known, from&nbsp ;with the help of this warhead, the “second army of the world” carried out an attack on the village of Velikaya Pisarevka (Sumshchyna). Based on an analysis of open sources conducted by BILD expert Julian Repke, after a large-scale explosion of ODAB-1500, a column of smoke, 1 kilometer high, rose into the sky.

It should be noted that a volume-detonating aerial bomb ( ODAB) is a thermobaric munition from the times of the Soviet Union, approximately 10 meters before approaching the target, releasing an air-flammable liquid in the form of an aerosol cloud, which leads to an all-encompassing explosion.

Röpke emphasized, that the use of a 1.5-ton aerial bomb on the territory of a Ukrainian settlement is a “new bottom” in the war of the Russian Federation against the cities of Ukraine.

Earlier we wrote about what the Sumy OVA reported , what will be done with families who refuse to evacuate from Velikaya Pisarevka.


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