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The Russian Foreign Ministry threatened the Baltic countries in connection with the upcoming presidential “elections”

ByJohn Newman

Feb 6, 2024

The Foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation summoned the charge d'affaires of the Baltic states in Moscow, who were threatened in connection with the upcoming “elections” of the Russian leader.

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As NBN reports, this is stated in the message of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is quoted by European Truth”.

Diplomats were summoned to the department on February 6 due to the fact that there was no “proper reaction on the part of the authorities of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to repeated requests from the Russian side to guarantee security in the presidential elections in Russia, which will take place in March 2024 -th.”

In particular, the foreign policy department of the aggressor country demands that the authorities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia take “all necessary measures to ensure the safety of voters,” as well as employees of the Russian embassy during the voting period.

Lavrov’s department also threatened with “very serious protest” from citizens of the Russian Federation in these countries if “difficulties” are created for them during the presidential elections.

Verbatim from a statement by representatives of the Russian Foreign Ministry:

Verbatim from a statement by representatives of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

If sabotage continues, we will be forced to act decisively in a bilateral context and in international structures, holding the authorities of the Baltic states responsible for their position.

Recall that we previously wrote that Ramzan Kadyrov even proposed not to hold presidential elections in Russia until a certain time.


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