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The scandal surrounding the Super League decision is gaining momentum: UEFA continues to put pressure on clubs and the EU court

Recently, the Supreme Court of the European Union ruled on the absolute illegality of sanctions by FIFA and UEFA, previously aimed at clubs intending to found a European version of the Super League, and, as it turned out, the matter did not end there .

The scandal around the decision on the Super League is gaining momentum: UEFA does not stop putting pressure on the clubs and the EU Court

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About the fact that the leadership of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) is trying to put pressure not only on clubs, but on on  The European Court itself, evidenced by the statement of the newly formed “Super League”, writes “NBN”, referring to the material of Sport.es.

In particular, UEFA simply ignores justice, not realizing that the monopoly of the union has ended, as and its privileged position in Europe. The fair decision showed this very clearly, and there is no doubt – UEFA is no longer in a position to threaten or impose bans on clubs intending to promote the formation of alternative competitions. However, in the Super League emphasized:

And now UEFA continues to put pressure on the clubs and, surprisingly, on the European Court itself.

It should be noted that the so-called pressure from the “Union of European Football Associations” is a demand for changes to the press release of the European Court, allegedly due to incorrect wording.

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