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The Verkhovna Rada named the circumstances under which the national telethon will be closed

ByJohn Newman

Apr 1, 2024

Head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Freedom of Speech Yaroslav Yurchyshyn named the reasons for closing the national telethon “United News”, which could well happen at the end of the year.

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The People’s Deputy in an interview with RBC-Ukraine said that it will be necessary to think about closing the national telethon, if it does not change the format and continues to broadcast bad news from the front, losing the trust of Ukrainians, NBN informs.

Yurchyshyn said that today it is not yet clear what to do with United News. It may be decided to keep the telethon on the air until the end of the war. However, financial support for Ukraine from partners is decreasing, as a result the Ukrainian economy is shrinking, which means a lack of funds in all areas.

The official explained that the priority remains providing for the army, in particular finances for the purchase of ammunition and reloading of the Patriot air defense system .

The People's Deputy noted that if Ukrainians' trust in United News does not return at least partially, citizens' trust in the country's authorities will begin to fall, because the national telethon is declared as the mouthpiece of the Ukrainian leadership.

The representative of the Verkhovna Rada added that six TV channels that create United News have already been funded for this year. At the end of 2024, the question regarding the fate of the phone will be resolved.

Note that opinion polls show a decline in Ukrainians’ trust in United News.


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