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There is a characteristic sign – Danilov said when the Kremlin begins to intensify “propaganda of fear”

ByJohn Newman

Mar 18, 2024

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexey Danilov told at what moments Moscow increases its nuclear blackmail. According to the official, there is a characteristic “sign” for the Kremlin to strengthen “propaganda of fear.”

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There is a characteristic sign – Danilov said when the Kremlin begins to intensify the “propaganda of fear”

Photo – sluga-narodu.com

The NSDC Secretary wrote on his Facebook account that the worsening position of Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin on the field battle, in the Russian Federation or in the world – a characteristic sign of the beginning of Russian nuclear blackmail, informs NBN.

The official noted that Moscow at such moments strengthens its information operations, using for this purpose Russian and foreign speakers in politics, Media, business and other platforms. The Kremlin's mouthpieces are beginning to actively talk about the “weakness and incompetence” of official Kyiv, the “inevitability of defeat” of our country, its territorial losses and the “necessity” of dialogue with the Russian Federation on its terms.

He said that the state authorities- terrorists have always considered “propaganda of fear” an effective tool for achieving Moscow’s foreign policy goals. However, now this technique is working less and less well, because the world is gradually realizing who they are dealing with.

The NSDC Secretary added that Putin hides behind threats of a nuclear strike in order to open the door to unlimited seizures of territories, therefore in response to blackmailing the dictator there must be collective action to localize and punish the aggressor.

Recall that the head of the Kremlin said that the Russian Federation needs to create a “sanitary zone” in Ukraine. Putin's speaker Dmitry Peskov tried to explain his words.


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