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Transcarpathian police commented on the shooting incident with the participation of TCC employees

ByJohn Newman

May 4, 2024

On the evening of Friday, May 3, about 10 people gathered at the entrance to the Vinogradov Territorial Recruitment and Social Support Center (TCC/SP) and actively violated the rules of public order, in particular, the group committed hooligan acts.

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Transcarpathian police commented on the shooting incident

Photo – rbc.ua

About the fact that law enforcement officers of the city of Vinogradov have already begun an investigation criminal proceedings based on the fact of a conflict between the above-described individuals and TCC/SP employees, writes NBN, referring to the official Facebook profile of the Transcarpathian Region Police.

As it became known, police officers who arrived at the scene of the incident at the TCC/SP found that in this aggressive manner, representatives of the (Roma) settlement from the village of Onok were trying to express their dissatisfaction with the mobilization of two of their comrades. In particular, the initiators of the conflict intended to open the entrance gates by force, but the military commissars managed to fire a series of warning shots into the air.

It should be noted that thanks to the provision of proper public order by several crews of the National Police, none of those present as a result hooliganism was not suffered, and the conflict was completely settled.

However, the investigative team began procedural measures in accordance with Part 4 of Article 296 of the “Criminal Code of Ukraine”, designed to assign legal status to the actions of each participant in the “mess”, and, as a result, hooligans can go to jail for up to 7 years.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that the National Police talked about the evening airstrike of the Russian Federation on Dergachi , because of which children suffered.


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