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Transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine: the media revealed what deal the UK offered to Germany

ByJohn Newman

Mar 1, 2024

Western media report that the United Kingdom authorities are persuading Germany to send Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine, which Kyiv has repeatedly requested from Berlin. For this, Great Britain offered a deal to Germany.

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Transfer of Taurus missiles to Ukraine: the media revealed what deal the UK offered Germany

Photo – Andrew Wheeler/Bloomberg News

The American news agency Bloomberg writes that London is privately calling on Berlin to provide Ukraine with Taurus missiles, which the Ukrainian Armed Forces urgently need, NBN reports with reference to Kreschatic.

How Journalists write that high-ranking ministers and officials of the United Kingdom have repeatedly made it clear to the German leadership that the Ukrainian military urgently needs long-range weapons.

In response to the resistance of the German authorities, London offered them an exchange deal. The British side's idea is that the United Kingdom will send more of its long-range Storm Shadow cruise missiles to Kiev, after which Germany will replenish the UK's stockpile with spare long-range missiles.

One of the media interlocutors did not discuss non-public negotiations between London and Berlin, however, noted that the German leadership should stop making excuses.

Recall that the head of the German government, Olaf Scholz, recently once again spoke out against the supply of Taurus to Kyiv. The former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry named the condition under which the chancellor will have to change his position on this issue.


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