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Trump adviser called the “details of the peace plan” of the former US President for Ukraine published in the media fake

ByJohn Newman

Apr 10, 2024

Jason Miller, an adviser to the election campaign of former American leader Donald Trump, said that the material of The Washington Post, which allegedly reveals details of the politician’s “peace plan” for Ukraine, is fake.

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In an interview with The New York Post, an adviser to the former head of the United States said that The Washington Post article about the alleged details of Trump’s “peace plan” to end the war in Ukraine is fake news, reports NBN.

Biden's opponent won't agree to any peace plan until he returns to the White House and can weigh all his options, Miller said. An adviser to the former leader of the Americans accused the publication’s journalists of simply making up information about the details of Trump’s “peace plan.”

He added that the current US president “talks about continuing the killings,” and his election rival allegedly “the only one who talks about stopping the killings.”

Note that in an article by The Washington Post it was said that Trump allegedly wants to push Kyiv to make concessions to Moscow and transfer Ukrainian territories under the control of the Russian leadership, in particular Crimea , Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Earlier it became known about the prospect of transferring the Ramstein contact group under NATO control to protect against the influence of Trump if he returns to power in the States.


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