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Trump called Ukraine “part of the Russian Federation” during negotiations with foreign leaders – media

ByJohn Newman

Apr 23, 2024

Former US President Donald Trump, during his presidency, supported the Kremlin's claims on the territory of Ukraine and accused the country of corruption.

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Trump during negotiations with foreign leaders called Ukraine

Photo – Mary Altaffer/Associated Press

The American edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing the words of the current and former officials of the United States and Europe, said that Trump at meetings and negotiations called Ukraine “absolutely corrupt.”

According to the scandalous politician, our country is “full of terrible people,” NBN reports.

Journalists claim that during the first meeting of the former US President with Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin in Germany in 2017, the head of the Russian Federation called on him to recognize Moscow’s claims to part of the Ukrainian regions.

After this conversation, according to According to media reports, Trump began to complain about Washington’s support for Kyiv. The former head of the White House, during negotiations with foreign leaders, called the country “your Ukraine” and “part of the Russian Federation.” In addition, the 45th US President scolded advisers who convinced him to approve the sale of missiles to Kiev, which they ultimately succeeded in.

Journalists note that Biden’s opponent’s negative attitude towards Ukraine also developed due to the reluctance of the American intelligence community to confirm his statements about the country's interference in the US presidential elections in 2016.

Previously, the media reported that after returning to the White House, Trump intends to force Kyiv and Moscow to begin negotiations.


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