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Tusk spoke sharply about the anti-European position of ex-colleague Morawiecki

ByJohn Newman

Apr 28, 2024

Not long ago, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated that his country is ready to deploy nuclear weapons on its territory if the level of the Russian threat increases and the allied states make an appropriate decision to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank.

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Tusk spoke sharply about the anti-European position of Morawiecki's ex-colleague

Photo – AP Photo/Ebrahim Noroozi

About  that one of the missiles fired tonight by Russian occupation forces during a massive attack on Ukraine landed literally less than 20 kilometers from the border of a neighboring state, NBN writes, citing the official X-account of the Prime Minister. Polish Minister Donald Tusk.

According to Tusk, this night the Russian Federation hit the Lviv region with “dozens of bombs and missiles”—one of the last types of enemy ammunition fell 15 kilometers from the Polish border. At the same time, Morawiecki (former Prime Minister of Poland) does not stop developing a joint anti-European strategy with pro-Putin far-right politicians (apparently, we are talking about the Hungarian leader Viktor Orban) in Budapest.

Tusk focused on  intentions of his former colleague:

Stupidity? Betrayal? Or both?

We previously wrote about how Duda commented on the provocations of the Russian Federation with missiles in Polish airspace.


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