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UAV strike on oil refineries in the Samara region: the media found out the scale of the consequences

ByJohn Newman

Mar 16, 2024

Closer to the morning of this Saturday, March 16, several drones carried out a successful attack on two strategic enterprises in the Samara region of Russia – oil refineries in Syzran and Novokuybyshev, and now some results.

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UAV strike on oil plants in the Samara region: the media found out the scale of the consequences

Photo – screenshot of TG-video.

About what they are complaining about in Russian media regarding the details of the attacks on the territory of the oil refinery in Syzran, writes NBN, citing the UNIAN material.

How it became known that Russian Telegram channels are confident that an attack drone effectively attacked the ELOU-AVT-6 installation, which is responsible for the desalting/distillation of crude oil, the production of high-octane gasoline, and is also the key production capacity of the Syzran oil refinery.

In addition, as a result of a successful UAV attack, the atmospheric block of the K-2 primary oil processing plant and the adjacent fuel tanks caught fire.

Earlier, our news portal reported on this that British intelligence was uncovering a number of pre-election problems for the Kremlin, provoked by successful Ukrainian UAV strikes.


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