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Ukrenergo named the regions and cities in which a schedule of emergency power outages has been introduced

ByJohn Newman

Mar 31, 2024

On the night of this Sunday, March 31, the “second army of the world” again carried out an attack on our country’s energy facilities.

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Photo – unian.net

About the goal Today's strike by the Russian occupation forces was the high-voltage substations of the national electricity supply company located in the southern region, and where emergency power outages continue to operate, writes NBN, citing information posted on the official Telegram channel. Ukrenergo.”

As it became known, due to large-scale damage to power equipment, emergency shutdowns were forced to be applied in the city of Odessa and nearby areas. Ukrenergo warns that if the volume of electricity consumption tends to increase, the duration of outages may increase proportionally, which local regional power companies are required to report on their websites.

Also, identical consumption restrictions have not been stopped in the Kharkov region and in the territory of Krivoy Rog, with some exceptions, such schedules were not used at night. However, with an increase in consumption, and, accordingly, an increased load on the power system during the day, especially during the evening peak hours, the resumption of outages is possible.

Earlier, we wrote about what Gumenyuk told about ;features of the Sunday night attack of the Russian Federation, reporting on the consequences of the attack in the southern regions.


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